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Host: Scott Nagel - Genesys Global Consultant Program Manager

September 14, 2021

Episode 26 - Journey Orchestration: The Challenges and Opportunities of Personalized Customer Engagement

In this podcast, Gordon Sexton, an Industry designer at Genesys, explains the value that end-to-end journey orchestration brings companies, and how it’s fueled by rich data from Genesys and strategic partners like Adobe.


August 31, 2021

Episode 25 - How AI Powered Support Improves Customer Engagement and Agent Productivity

In this podcast, Scott Nagel interviews Erica Deahl, Senior Manager of Solution Consulting at Genesys. She explains the power that the new Genesys DX solution set brings to companies, and how AI powered support enables them to meet their customers where they are, allowing agents to me more empathetic in their engagement, while improving productivity.


August 11, 2021

Episode 24- Why Customers Demand Flexibility and Control in a Pricing Model

In this podcast, Tim Keighley, Director of Pricing at Genesys, explains why providing customers control and flexibility is critical to the success of a pricing model, and how Genesys Choice is successfully simplifying pricing for customers.

July 27, 2021

Episode 23 - How to Build Trust and Loyalty with Today’s Disconnected Consumers

In this podcast, Scott Nagel interviews Genesys thought leaders, Claire Beatty and Ginger Conlon, about their timely new global study: The Connected Customer Experience, CX defines brand success for consumers today.

July 7, 2021

Episode 22- How Predictive Routing Connects Customers to the Right Agent for the Best Possible Outcome

In this podcast, David Farrell, Director of AI product management at Genesys, explains the value of Predictive Routing and how it utilizes AI to better understand customer intent and agent skillset allowing a more personalized customer experience - leading to improved business outcomes such as average handle time and transfer rate.

June 22, 2021

Episode 21 - How Design Thinking Puts the “Voice of the Customer” into Action

In this podcast, Cameron Smith, VP of WEM Product Management at Genesys, takes listeners through the highly effective process of Design Thinking and shares insights into how it, when implemented properly, can transform and improve the day to day life of agents and other contact center supervisors and managers.


June 8, 2021

Episode 20 - Shifting from Go-to-Market to Go-to-Customer - Genesys’ new Ascend Partner Program

Listen as Ken Archer, SVP of Worldwide Channels, describes the new Genesys Ascend Partner Program, and how it delivers on Experience as a Service with and through a global ecosystem of partners.

May 20, 2021

Episode 19 - Reduce TCO by Integrating Accounts Receivable Management into your Contact Center

Listen as Scott Nagel interviews the business leaders of Latitude by Genesys.They discuss the importance of integrating accounts receivable management into the contact center to provide 360-degree visibility into the entire business relationship, while reducing TCO.

May 4, 2021

Episode 18 - Bot Building Made Easy – Learn how Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows Simplifies the Process

Bot building doesn’t have to be difficult. In this podcast, Scott Nagel interviews Robert Blane and Nicola Burns from the AI product management team at Genesys. They describe how Dialog Engine Bot Flows embraces the power of AI, simplifies bot creation, and helps deliver on the promise of Experience as a Service.



April 20, 2021

Episode 17 - Up to 200K Concurrent Calls, Scalable and Secure- Why Genesys Engage on Azure is a Big Deal

Secure, feature rich, scalable, and capable of handling 200K concurrent calls. In this podcast, John Hernandez, EVP and GM of Genesys Multicloud, explains why the recent announcement of Genesys Engage Multicloud on Microsoft Azure is a big deal, not just for Genesys, but for the industry.

April 7, 2021

Episode 16 - How Gamification is a game changer for agent performance and job satisfaction

In this podcast, Scott Nagel discusses Gamification with Michael Logan, a senior strategic sales consultant at Genesys. Michael builds a compelling case for how gamification can help speed up onboarding, increase agent performance, and foster a positive team environment all while encouraging friendly competition. 



March 23, 2021

Episode 15 - Experience as a Service - What it is and why it matters to customers

In this podcast, Peter Graf, Chief Strategy Officer at Genesys, discusses Experience as a Service and how it drives business value and enables companies to provide superior, empathy enabled experiences to their customers.


March 9, 2021

Episode 14 - The Gig Economy and the Changing Paradigm of WEM

In this podcast, Merijn Te Booji, General Manager of WEM at Genesys, describes the importance of Genesys’ partnership with Limitless, the value of and best use cases for gig workers, and how the paradigm of WEM and the whole industry is changing (accelerated by the pandemic).



February 5, 2021

Episode 13 - Vonage APIs + Genesys Cloud = Extending SIP Coverage, Audio and AI Capabilities

In this podcast, Bernard Slede, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Vonage, explains how Vonage APIs, an App Foundry partner, not only extends voice and video functionality for Genesys Cloud, but also enables customers to add SIP trunking in less than 10 minutes while simplifying carrier contracts.

December 17, 2020

Episode 12 - How the Pandemic has Changed Contact Centers for Good

Listen as Scott Nagel interviews Craig Robinson, Director of StableLogic - an influential, independent UK consulting firm. Craig addresses how the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated contact centers moving to the cloud, and how that is helping them to be more flexible and productive. He discusses why he believes voice is never going away, and provides insights into new issues that have arisen, such as security, compliance, as well as motivating and training agents working from home.


October 27, 2020

Episode 11 - How to Reduce Customer Effort While Increasing Loyalty - an Interview with CX Index Founder David Heneghan

This podcast features an interview with David Heneghan, Founder of CX Index, a Voice of the Customer Solution and Genesys App Foundry partner. David highlights how CX Index integrates seamlessly with Genesys Cloud and Engage and has proven to reduce customer effort an average of 31% while increasing customer satisfaction 29%. David shares some real-world success stories demonstrating that “when the customer gets a better experience, everyone wins.” 

October 7, 2020

Episode 10 - How WEM Unleashes the Benefits of Working from Home

Listen to popular industry consultant, speaker and blogger Steve Leaden as he discusses how an integrated WEM solution unleashes the benefits of utilizing work from home contact center agents. Steve provides detailed ROI analysis and discusses real-world benefits to both companies and employees.

September 10, 2020

Episode 9 - How Multi-cloud Architecture Future Proofs Contact Centers

In this podcast, Tara Griffin, Director of Strategic Solution Sales at Genesys describes the flexibility multi-cloud architecture brings to businesses, allowing them to tailor their infrastructure, deployment and management models to fit their business. 

September 2, 2020

Episode 8 - Predictive Engagement – Stop Missing Critical Customer Moments and Outcomes

In this podcast, you’ll hear Rik McCrossan, Digital-AI Lead at Genesys, explain how Predictive Engagement can enable contact centers to catch the customer moments that matter the most, and act on them in real-time. He shares real-world success stories where digital sales increased as well as NPS (net promoter scores), demonstrating how predictive engagement makes Experience as a Service happen.

August 12, 2020

Episode 7 - Beyond the Bots Hype Cycle: How Service Automation and Bots Drive Real ROI

Join host Scott Nagel as he interviews Tim Friebel, Genesys’ North American sales lead for Service Automation. Tim provides a clear view of the value service automation and bots bring to contact centers, including choice and orchestration. He answers the question, “What do you do if you don’t automate everything?” and discusses how easy it is to show a quick ROI when adding service automation and bots to a contact center.

August 4, 2020

Episode 6 - Three Reasons Contact Centers Belong in the Cloud

Listen as Jim Whatton, VP, North America Solutions Consulting for Genesys, discusses why NOW is the time for contact centers to be cloud-based. He clearly describes the importance of speed to market, ongoing cloud innovations, and why microservices are the key to agility. He also presents a strong case for why he believes Genesys Cloud stands out from the competition.

July 6, 2020

Episode 5 - Why Your Contact Center Needs Voice Biometrics Today! A Conversation with Quinn Agen of Omillia

Join host Scott Nagel as he interviews Quinn Agen of Omilia, a Genesys App Foundry member. Quinn clearly describes how contact centers that implement Voice Biometrics reduce fraud, decrease call handling time, while greatly improving customer experience. 

June 4, 2020

Episode 4 - Why Genesys’ WEM is Making Headlines and Winning Awards

Join host Scott Nagel as he discusses Genesys’ Workforce Engagement Management with Michele Fisher from Genesys. She clarifies the differences between WFM and WEM, shares insights into why Genesys stands out among the competition in the WEM space, and provides a glimpse into what features are coming later this year.

May 4, 2020

Episode 3 - Successfully Transitioning Agents to WFH with Genesys Cloud – TechStyle’s Covid-19 Success Story

Listen to an interview with Aarde Cosseboom, Senior Director of GMS Technology at TechStyle Fashion Group, as he describes the challenges and lessons learned from successfully transitioning 1000 agents in twelve countries to Working from Home (WFH) in a 24 hour period, utilizing Genesys Cloud. He discusses how they handled regional areas with no Wi-Fi at home and provides suggestions for overcoming noisy home environments in order to provide a high level of customer experience for their customers, even during the Covid-19 pandemic.

April 24, 2020

Episode 2 - How Genesys and Google Cloud CCAI Make Conversational AI a Must Have for Your Contact Center

Join host Scott Nagel as he discusses Google Cloud Contact Center AI (CCAI) with Joe Ciuffo and James Walford from Genesys. They discuss the benefits of conversational AI and how Genesys and Google Cloud uniquely integrate. They also provide specific use cases including the increased demand for AI in the contact center with the current Covid-19 situation.